Selling Art Paintings/Prints, Object Art, Functional Art, & Items of Value

Let’s talk about Selling Art on (Art Agents Galerie, LLC). We are persnickety when it comes to our rules of selling Art and the related items of value!

1.) For those Artists, Art Resellers, Art Galleries, Art Auction Houses and Secondary Market Resales we require a simple application if we are not familiar with you. We want to know our customers and clients, to develop an ongoing relationship that is beneficial to both parties.

2.) desires to offer quality decent Art, Art Objects, Functional Art and Items of Value - not junk. We don’t want to be in that type of business. We offer affordable Art and related items of value.

3.) Imagery is so very important. We do not accept images of Art and related Items of Value that look bad, virtually no one buys anything that looks bad! If we say an image looks bad, it is in our estimation and we have been selling/marketing Fine Art of most all types since 1971.

4.) Send us an email along with your phone number and we will most likely call you and initiate that all important relationship.

5.) Email Link: Click Here

Art Agents Galerie, LLC

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